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cities of the future

I have a lot of ideas for how to improve cities immediately and move towards a goal of green, sustainable cities on a decolonized north america. I have many reasons for wanting to move in this direction - everything from needing cities that can survive climate change to desiring a physical environment that promotes active participation of the inhabitants in the locations civics.

There are a few things that characterize the cities i envision:

  • multi-level. Not just skyscrapers, but multiple "street" levels. This will produce an aesthetically different city than were used to seeing.

  • bright. The only place we've envisioned these types of cities is in dark cyberpunk sorts of worlds. I want sunlight and growing plants at all levels of the city.

  • accessible. Seriously, this includes everything from limiting the use of stairs to ensuring that there are sufficient safe bathrooms.

  • able to become self sufficient in emergencies, but keeping open trade with other cities.

  • free movement of people. People should be able to travel, both within a city and between them.

  • public transit and car alternatives. lots of rail, elevators, and sidewalks. Planning for bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, and segways.

  • privacy. Populations will be dense, so we need to build with privacy in mind.

  • safety. People study how to build safe communities. We should listen to them.

  • integration. Race, class, culture. We can all learn from each other, and cities should be both diverse and integrated.

  • art. Things should be beautiful as well as functional.

  • contained. The cities should pull in and go up. Thats how we physically decolonize.

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